Vehicle Use
1.1 The Lessee is obliged to use the vehicle is in the prescribed manner according to the intended use of the vehicle, and the vehicle, take a prudent manner.

1.2 The Lessee is not allowed to exit the vehicle in the Republic of Ireland, where there is no written consent of the Company.

1.3 The Lessee undertakes before each departure to make sure the vehicle is working, this being monitored by the roadworthiness (LE § 1, p 68), and to follow all applicable laws governing the use of the vehicle, including the rules of the road.

1.4 Prohibited use of the vehicle – off-road driving, towing, driving lessons, racing.

1.5 The Lessee shall have the right to the Vehicle to a third party only with the written consent of the Company.

1.6 alighting from the vehicle, the Lessee shall not leave the vehicle, objects and things, lock the doors and turn on the alarm, if any. The lessee is obliged to make every effort to vehicle keys and / or certificate of registration of the vehicle did not come into the possession of third parties.

1.7 It is prohibited to smoke in the vehicle. This is the case of non-compliance with the ban Rental Company shall be entitled to liquidated damages of 250 eur.

1.8 Rents include a passage in accordance with the offer and / or mileage stated in the contract.

1.9 Passenger: mileage limit of 300 km / day, but not more than 3000 km of the lease term of one month (30 days).

1.10 Minivans: mileage limit of 400 km / day, but not more than 4000 km of the lease term of one month (30 days).

Renter’s Liability
2.1 The Lessee agrees to reimburse the rental company for the entire result of the breach of the harm done by

the insurer will not reimburse. If the Contract is the result of the presence of certain risk factors placed Renter, Renter is responsible, even if he was not guilty of causing the damage.

2.2 The duration of the contract by the Lessee to the accidental loss of the vehicle or the vehicle and its equipment

the risk of damage and is obliged to compensate for all losses that have not been compensated for the insurer of the vehicle mvabatahtliku insurance or other insurance contract.

2.3 The Lessee is required to compensate for lost, broken or damaged parts costs that are not paid for by the insurer of the vehicle on the basis of voluntary insurance or any other insurance.

2.4 The Lessee shall be responsible and liable to pay the resulting fines incurred during the rental period the traffic – and parking fines and other violations. Their failure to pay the Rental Company has the right to demand in addition to the fine and collection costs (including the bailiff’s fees) fee in the amount of EUR 48. If the Lessee during the rental period will be traffic or parking, it shall immediately notify the Rental Company.

2.5 The Lessee is obligated to pay the cost to repair a flat tire in the amount of EUR 20 per flat tire, or if the tire is not possible to restore the purchasing costs of two new tires. The Company will Renter taastamiskõlbmatu tire of the same axle of a second tire to tire and the property of the lessee.

2.6 If the Lessee fails to return the Vehicle with a full tank of fuel Rental Company has the right to charge a fee for each missing liter of fuel purchased in accordance with the cost of fuel plus service fee of 10 EUR.

2.7 If the Lessee’s activities due to the increase in the compulsory motor insurance coefficient Rental Company has the right to demand a single penalty in the amount of 150 EUR.

2.8 The Lessee confirms that he is aware of the fact that the vehicle is damaged, its ownership and the amount of EUR 390 for theft of 15% of the cost of the vehicle. The lessee is aware that the breach of the obligations under the Contract may be his responsibility extend to 100% of the cost of the vehicle.

2.9 If the insurer will reimburse the rental company for the damage, which is responsible for the Lessee pursuant to this Agreement, the reduction in the corresponding part of the Lessee’s obligation to compensate the Lessor front.

10.2 Any contract resulting from any monetary claims and liabilities, including rent and fees

Additional services and accessories for the use of the Lessee shall within seven (7) calendar days from receipt of the request from the Company leases. If Lessor sends a request to post in this Agreement shall be considered as shown in the Lessee’s residence or location of a claim being received.

11.2 The Company shall be entitled to submit to the Lessee for any monetary claim arising from the contract as soon as the scope of a claim has occurred and the lessee is obliged to pay in accordance with Clause 10.2. Financial obligations must be fulfilled within the time limit set out in paragraph 2.10, even if the circumstances are carried out in relation to misdemeanor, criminal and / or security incident procedures.

12.2 If the Renter disagree with the claim made by the Company or its size, it has the right to file a claim within fourteen (14) calendar days from receipt of the demand. Submit a claim approval of the claim in its entirety and the subsequent claims of the Lessee shall not be counted.

Rent and other charges
3.1 The lessee is obligated to pay a fee for the use of the vehicle in accordance with the Contract and the Company to the current price list and conditions of sale of the vehicle to the lessee under the contract, the general upkeep of the vehicle rental company for recovery. Consumed by the renter rental services, additional services and / or accessories for the Lessee within the period set forth in section 2.10.

3.2 If the Lessee fails to pay the rental fee arising from the Agreement or any other financial obligations under the Contract or additional services and / or additional equipment fees stated in the contract period, the Rental Company has the right to demand interest at the rate specified in section 3.3. Second or more delay in the event the Company shall, in addition to interest entitled to liquidated damages of up to three (3) days of the rental fee,. Payment of the fine does not release the rental fee.

3.3 If the Lessee fails to pay any financial obligation arising from the Agreement on time the Rental Company is entitled to interest of 0.1% per day for each day of delay.

3.4 The Lessor shall have the right to demand the service of the vehicle before the deposit of EUR 350-750.

The Company undertakes Rent
Over 4.1 to the Renter and the running of the vehicle at the agreed time and place.

4.2 Over the vehicle to the Renter clean and full tank of fuel.

4.3 Return to the Lessee, who has fulfilled all his contractual obligations by the Company before the deposit.

4.4 Review the vehicle by the renter returned more than 7 (seven) calendar days from the date the vehicle

surrendered by the Lessee in connection with complaints and communicate discovered damage to the Lessee at least 14 (fourteen) calendar days.

Delivery and Receiving
5.1 The Company will provide the vehicle to the Lessee, and the Lessee takes over the vehicle by making a corresponding entry in the Agreement. In addition to the vehicle gives the Lessor to the Lessee of the liability insurance policy, forms “Accident Notice”, a copy of the vehicle registration certificate, two wheel chocks, (autoapteek), a fire extinguisher, warning triangle.

5.2 If the vehicle are defective, that does not preclude the use of the Vehicle, the Lessee shall make a corresponding note in the Agreement. If the Lessee does not make a note of the technical condition of the vehicle, it shall be deemed that the vehicle meets the conditions of the Agreement, and there are all kinds of damage.

5.3 The Lessee is obliged to return the vehicle in the technical condition of the Company over the vehicle must have a full tank of fuel.

Renter’s liability for malfunctions, damage, accident or loss of possession
6.1 The Rental Vehicle during the faults and damage, the Lessee is required to immediately notify the Company of the lease. In addition, the Renter shall transmit to the Company signed a letter of explanation that includes his account of the incident.

6.2 If the vehicle does not allow for the failure of vehicles in use, coordinate Renter Company the repair of the malfunction is eliminated. In general, the point corresponding to repair a car dealership in the Republic of Ireland. Rental company uncoordinated repair costs are not obligated the Company to reimburse the Lessee.

6.3. The lessee is obliged to immediately inform the Rental Company of any damage, accident, robbery, fraud, theft, or any other circumstances that are endangered or endanger the Company’s ownership or possession of the property. Also, the Lessee is required in these cases, immediately inform the police and / or rescue service.

6.4. Event of an accident should behave based on traffic laws.

6.5 The case of accident, the police must be called to the scene to fix the accident or the Lessee shall perform properly form ‘Notice of a traffic accident. ” This form “Accident Notice” or by the police at the scene of a copy of the documentation for not filing the rental company, the Lessee is fully liable for damage caused by the rental company.

6.6 The loss of possession must be immediately returned to the rental company for vehicle registration certificate and keys. Lessee confirms that he is aware that failure to comply with the foregoing obligation shall not indemnify the Company for any damage to the rental company for the insurer, which the Lessee is required to bear the full extent of any damage arising from the rental company, including 100% of the vehicle value.

The Company’s liability for breakdowns
7.1. The Company shall not be liable, directly or indirectly, for any damage that may result from the Lessee for the lease of a vehicle malfunction prior to or during the race, and if the latter connection is interrupted or delayed, except when it arises from the Company of willful or gross negligence arising from breach of contract.

Vehicle Return
8.1 The Lessee is obliged to return the vehicle at the time agreed, agreed, and in the same condition in which the vehicle is handed over to the Lessee.

8.2 the leasing crossing without prior written consent of the Company, the Company shall demand double the rental fee for each day of the rental period exceeded.

8.3 The Lessee is aware that if he does not return the vehicle is stipulated in the contract date, and is not notified by the Company of the circumstances, the Rental Company has the right to submit the EV law enforcement bodies of the statement of the Penal Code § 215, which states the liability in the event that the vehicle is tampered with.

8.4 If the Lessee shall return the vehicle prior to the time specified in the contract or the Company be entitled to cancel the Contract the Company is not obligated to return the advance payment made by the Lessee.

Extraordinary cancellation of the lease,
9.1 The Company shall be entitled forthwith cancel the Contract and to require the immediate return, if it becomes apparent that the Lessee violates the terms of the Contract, the Contract to the data, the Rental Company of the otherwise misleading or if there are other circumstances which may jeopardize the vehicle or cause damage to the Company .

9.2 Should the Company cancels the contract for the reasons given in section 9.1, the Lessee is obliged to return the Vehicle Rental Company, no later than five (5) hours the Rental Company by notification addressed to the side of the phone (including SMS messages) on the termination of the Agreement, the Agreement shall telephone number. If Renter vehicle is five (5) hours shall not return, he shall pay a penalty of EUR 192, and contract clauses 8.2 and 8.3 apply.

Other Conditions
10.1 The Contract resulting from the settlement of disputes by means of negotiations. Failing agreement, the Harju County Court House Kentmani.

10.2 The Lessee is hereby given his consent to the agreement’s non-performance of its processing of personal data, including to third parties Personal Data Protection Act.

10.3 Car4YouRent not reimburse the car technical failure, interruption of travel costs, indirect costs, loss of profits or other similar expenses

10.4 Car4YouRent cars can not guarantee availability at any given time

10.5 Car4YouRent reserves the right not to rent a car

10.6 Car4YouRent reserves the right to change prices and conditions without prior notice Tel: +372 58 68 68 70